July 15, 2021
Advantage and Application of CaC03 in Viet Nam

CaCO3 exists in various products in our daily life. For some reason, it is widely used as a plastic additive in industrial production with very high whiteness and gloss measured in CaCO3. Therefore, plastic products using CaCO3 fillers will achieve high gloss and whiteness without the use of bleaching agents, brighteners, or other coloring additives. This is the cost solution for most masterbatch manufacturers.
CaCO3 has a rich source in nature. It is also easy to develop and process, so the manufacturing cost is very low.
CaCO3 has a very good heat resistance and is suitable for many plastic industries.

CaCO3 helps increase the hardness and gloss of the product surface, which helps manufacturers produce a variety of beautifully designed packaging.
The properties of calcium carbonate can be seen in many industrial applications such as bellows:
Paper, plastics, paints, and coatings-Calcium carbonate is used in the paper, plastics, paint, and coating industries as fillers and coatings due to its extraordinary whiteness. Paint pigments and brilliance.
Personal health care and food production: Calcium carbonate is widely used in tablet production. It can also be found in many grocery stores or pharmacies. Its products are called baking powder, toothpaste, dry dessert mixes, and wine … Another use for calcium carbonate is in animal feed. It also benefits the environment through water and waste treatment.
Building and construction materials: Calcium carbonate is very important to the construction industry, both as a building material itself and as a component of cement.

Our newest dry milling line utilizes the latest German Milling Technology and the latest Classifier Technology. By mid of this year, a new ball mill line expansion will be introduced to double the capacity of production. Our coating system is the most advanced in Vietnam, producing the best quality of Coated Calcium Carbonate, which is offering the state of art solutions of cost-saving in different industries.

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