August 11, 2021
Vietnam Filler masterbatch CaCO3

Vietnam filler masterbatch is considered to be the world’s best filler masterbatch resource because its main component is calcium carbonate, which usually accounts for 75% to 90% of its content grain.
Vietnam is a country with high-quality CaCO3 resources and the highest in the world. Vietnam has unearthed three types of rock-containing calcium carbonate and used them in industrial fields. They are limestone, chalk, and dolomite. Limestone and chalk are forms of calcium carbonate, while dolomite is a mixture of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. They all contain impurities such as clay, but some rocks are more than 97% pure. Limestone and its derivatives are widely used in industrial life, especially in the field of plastics.
In the field of plastics, calcium carbonate used to be the main component of filler masterbatch-the combination of CaCO3 and resin used to produce plastic products to reduce production costs and increase productivity.

Vietnam filler masterbatch
Relying on the advantages of CaCO3 calcium carbonate resources excavated in the country, Vietnamese manufacturers can manufacture at a more favorable price and provide high-quality Vietnamese filler masterbatch to the world.
Vietnamese filler and Vietnamese calcium carbonate CaCO3 characteristics:
+ good dispersion
+ safety and environmental protection
+ scratch-resistant surface
+ create hardness, increase toughness
+ increase toughness
+ increase the strength of plastic products
+ increase mechanical, physical, chemical, thermal power
+ Increase the flame retardant of plastic products

The advantages of Vietnamese fillers and Vietnamese calcium carbonate
Vietnamese filler masterbatch brings many benefits to plastic production from physical and chemical characteristics, and brings economic benefits to manufacturers of plastic products:
-Improved plastic product quality:
+ Increased hardness and toughness
+ Reduce surface scratches
+ Increase physical and chemical resistance
-Support the production process:
+ Good dispersibility
+ Environmentally safe and will not overflow
-Reduce the input cost of product production: Due to the use of CaCO3 stone powder instead of Virgin plastic.
VDragon company proudly provides customers with the highest quality filler masterbatch, with excellent physical and chemical properties, suitable for various plastic production technologies. With many years of experience in the plasticization industry, as well as a highly specialized team of talents and engineers, and modern mechanical systems and equipment, we have always been the trustworthy choice for customers.

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