August 27, 2021

CaCO3 powder for paint is widely used in the construction field. This type of material requires high whiteness and smoothness. Not only that, but the product must also have adhesion.

Requirements of stone powder for paint
CaCO3 ultra-fine stone powder is used as an inorganic filler in paint production. In which, stone powder for paint has high whiteness and fineness requirements, creating the most standard paint product quality.

Types of water-based and oil-based paints must have:

– Adhesion, smoothness
– Especially extremely good dispersion
– VDragon’s stone powder is produced by factories with modern technology, achieving super smooth, bright white for the paint industry to meet international standards.

Composition, the ratio of stone powder for paint
In the paint industry, stone powder makes up to 60%. The stone powder is the main filler in the coating industry, also known as Calcium powder. Fineness, size, and particle distribution of Calcium Carbonate affect light opacity during the coating process.

The painted stone powder has star brightness, low oil absorption, good dispersion, environmental stability, low abrasion, low shrinkage, stable pH, in addition, it also has the advantage of improving performance. anti-corrosion of the natural environment and improve the viscosity required for paint products.

Advantages of stone powder for paint
Superfine paint powder provided by VDragon meets international standards as prescribed. One of the long-standing brands in the field of supplying CaCO3 stone powders for the paint industry in the south.
The stone powder as an alternative to expensive raw materials in the past, providing proven performance and better quality: Water-based paints, oil-based paints have 40% CaCO3 powder, the rest are other additives: water-based resins, kaolin, solvents.
Applications such as waterproof paint, wood paint, epoxy paint, ship paint, powder coating, PU paint, industrial paint, imitation stone paint, aromatic paint, etc. If you really have a need, choose to use it. Using stone powder for our paint is ideal. Even and durable paint dispersion keeps paint colors fresh as expected.

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