July 21, 2021
Increased demand for CaCO3 in the Asia-Pacific region

The plastics industry will be the fastest growing industry in the next period, which will drive the demand for CaCo3.
CaCO3 is an indispensable material in the plastics industry. In terms of value, plastics was the fastest growing industry in the previous period. This is due to increased demand from the automotive industry. Therefore, polypropylene reinforced with CaCO3 will help improve the performance of the plastic and improve heat dissipation. The demand for plastics in other industries such as packaging, construction, and electronics has also increased significantly. The above factors are driving the strong growth of the global CaCo3 market.

CaCO3 is an important raw material for the paper and plastic industries. The strong growth of developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region has also led to an increase in demand for paper packaging. China, India, and South Asian countries are the largest paper consumers in the region. In addition, the Asia-Pacific region has a high demand for plastics used in the packaging, automotive, construction, electrical, and electronic industries. The use of plastic helps reduce the cost of the packaging industry. The packaging and structure, the weight reduction of auto parts, and insulation for electronic products have generated the demand for CaCO3 in the region.

At present, CaCO3 is mainly used in the papermaking, plastics, paint, adhesive, and glue industries. However, researchers continue to discover new uses for this material. Currently, calcium carbonate nanoparticles are being studied for the treatment of cancer drugs and drugs. In particular, CaCO3-based materials have biodegradable properties. The development of biodegradable products is becoming a global trend, so the CaCO3 consumer market has huge potential.
In Vietnam, V.Dragon Company Limited is one of the Vietnamese companies specializing in supplying CaCO3 ultrafine stone powder plastic additives. With many factories with large production capacity, the company’s products have been exported to many countries, regions, and regions around the world.

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