Feed Grade Calcium Carbonate is inexpensive, non-toxic, and easily available with a wide range of applications. Sedimentation of shells and corals produces calcium carbonate. Ours is high purity material mainly focused on fulfilling the calcium deficiency in animals.


1) Novacure’s calcium carbonate is a key mineral for egg-shell formation and increases milk formation.
2) Novacure’scarbonate carbonate acts as a Calcium supplement for cattle and other ruminants that helps in bone growth and strength.

Our products are high purity limestone granules for animal feed size 2-3 mm or other sizes as per the requirement.

Physical characteristics

Chemical components


2mm – 3mm

CaCO3 content

≥ 95%


≥ 90-92% min.

MgO content

≤ 0.3%


≥ 85-90% min.

Fe2O3 content

≤ 0.04%


≤ 0.3%

Al2O3 content

≤ 0.03%

Density (raw material)


SiO2 content

≤ 0.75%

Content loss on ignition

≤ 43.80%

Na2O content

≤ 0.16%



Oil absorption

≥23g/100g CaCO3

PACKING: We follow the International standard of the packing process with the suitable dimensions of wrapping required by customers. 

  • 25kg packing – PP-PE wrapping.
  • 50kg packing – PP-PE wrapping.
  • Jumbo wrapping for 500kg.
  • Jumbo wrapping for 1000kg.