July 20, 2021
The reason why customers should choose V.Dragon

When you need to use CaCO3 powder, you must choose V.Dragon. The credit union is committed to bringing the best products to customers. More specifically, the benefits of choosing this distribution unit are as follows:
– High-quality and physically stable products.
– Safe for users’ health and completely environmentally friendly.
– Save costs, reduce testing time, reduce waste.
– Smooth, ripple-free, stain-free, and non-blocking.
– High applicability, suitable for mixing ratios to bring high productivity in the production process.

V.Dragon brand provides prestige stone powder in the central region, we are involved in the transaction of this project for a long time, with large capacity warehouses and professional distribution systems to ensure normal production and competitive prices. , very good service. We have extensive experience in supplying CaCO3 in light and heavy powder, fine and ultrafine products through proactive procurement of transport vehicles and products.
Advantages of V.Dragon’s prestigious stone powder in the Central region

It is no coincidence that V.Dragon is recognized as a reputable stone powder supplier in the Central region. All have reasons and the benefits that CaCO3 rock powder brings to users such as The products are of high quality and stability. Stone powder products are non-toxic to the environment, low waste, saving raw material costs, and safe for human health. Fine powder, no ripples, no block, suitable are for all mixing ratios, so it gives high production productivity, benefits for industrial production business owners.

Our newest dry milling line utilizes the latest German Milling Technology and the latest Classifier Technology. By mid of this year, a new ball mill line expansion will be introduced to double the capacity of production. Our coating system is the most advanced in Vietnam, producing the best quality of Coated Calcium Carbonate, which is offering the state of art solutions of cost-saving in different industries.

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