July 17, 2021
Using and production of Calcium Carbonate in Vietnam

Calcium Carbonate Powder is one of the most used materials in daily life. This material exists in many metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks throughout the world.

Classification and Composition
CaCO3 powder offers three forms:(1) uncoated fine-grained limestone powder, (2) coated fine-grained limestone powder and (3) white calcium carbonate stone. The chemical name of the product is calcium carbonate CaCO3, which includes: heavy powder fatty acid-coated powder, D97 particle size greater than or equal to 5μm. CaCO3 powder is used as an additive for rubber, paper, plastic, paint, chemicals, cosmetics, animal feed, aquaculture, building materials industry, etc. CaCO3 white limestone powder is ground from natural white stone. However, there are mainly chemical components: CaCO3 and some other impurities such as Fe2O3, MgO, SiO2, Al2O3, etc.

Production process
CaCO3 stone powder is carefully selected in the mine, checked again when passing through the weighing station, and cleaned up to avoid impurities. The white limestone powder products have been strictly inspected. The raw material white limestone is put into the feeder. After that, the finished product continues to reach the feed bin through the jaw clamping machine, hammer and material distributor system. It is suitable for granule and powder main mill systems in various industries. Advanced Gas Particle Sorting Equipment classifies stone products by size and then markets the finished products. The coated calcium carbonate powder passes through coating equipment prior to packaging. The high CaCO3 ultrafine calcium carbonate powder production process reaches 98%, it is an input for many important industries to meet the requirements of today’s developed markets.

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Using and production of Calcium Carbonate in Vietnam | Wholesale Vietnamese Suppliers Online

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