January 11, 2023
Buy Uncoated Calcium Carbonate in Vietnam 1
Buy Uncoated Calcium Carbonate in Vietnam 1

Calcium carbonate and zinc hydroxystannate-coated calcium carbonate (ZHSCC) was prepared by biominetic synthesis in template of sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate (SDBS), and was characterized by XRD, SEM and TG/DSC, moreover, the flame retardant property of ZHSCC in PVC was studed by LOI. The XRD analysis clearly showed the diffraction peaks of zinc hydroxystannate (ZHS) in ZHSCC and calcite crystal structure of calcium carbonate. The TG/DSC and SEM results showed that ZHSCC product was roughly spherical with the size of was about 4 μ. The LOI of PVC/ZHSCC blend increased 5.5 units which showed that ZHSCC had a good flame retardant efficiency for PVC.

We are the best Calcium carbonate manufacturers in Vietnam with a full automatic & most advanced production line equipped by HOSOKAWA – ALPINE – GERMANY.

The best quality Calcium carbonate manufacturer in Vietnam with fully automatic of the Hosokawa Alpine system.

Natural, ultrafine calcium carbonate powder obtained from high purity white marble of Vietnam origin.

We offers a wide range of calcium carbonate of various particle size, Uncoated and Coated Calcium Carbonate (Stearic acid coating Calcite Powder).

Buy Vietnam Calcium Carbonate from Vietnam.

We would like to send all of you our warmest greetings. Our company is very pleased to introduce you to our uncoated calcium carbonate powder as follows:

– Commodity: Uncoated calcium carbonate powder with particle sizes from 5–100 microns.
– Materials: The materials are mined from quarries in Tan Ky District and Quy Hop District with high quality.

We are looking forward to receiving your attention and long-term cooperation.

Thank you very much!

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