March 14, 2023
Vietnam Coated Calcium Carbonate Powder
Vietnam Coated Calcium Carbonate Powder

Vietnam Calcium Carbonate for Plastic Leather is a new product which researched and invented by VSV GROUP. We select high purity and high whiteness calcite as raw material. It uses the advanced craft technology of multi-sections grinds, graduation, polishes, etc, and the special directions for producing products, carries on surface recombination processing many times. It has the characteristic of ultra lowly absorption oil, reduces the system viscosity in the leather making coating system, and the function of enhances the product performance. The dosage of calcium carbonate fills in may enhance above 20% or reduces the dosage of DOP the above 10%.

In this industry Plastic Shoes and Shoe Soles Industry (Suede and Synthetic Leather), it is used as a filler of micronized powder with a grain size of a few microns and the outer surface is covered with a type of lubricant, which gives the following properties to the product:

Exterior surface polish.
Increases resistance to further tearing and stretching.
It does not cause jaundice in the body and keeps the white color constant.
Reduces elasticity.
Fixed against fat.

It is widely used in plastic leather and complex leather product, and special suitable for PVC leather, PVC wallpaper, etc.

VSV GROUP manufacture and supply Calcium Carbonate for many different usages including for Footwear.

Buyers can purchase our products to use in manufacturing of Footwear Soles. It is perfect for improving finish and impact strength as well as reduce the cost.

We can produce the chemical in bulk and supply it all year round. Our prices are reasonable. We can provide the products in customized packaging

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