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A good solution to raise the productivity, and saving time and cost in production line, We are the perfect choice for you.
With many years experience in manufacturing Filler masterbatch, we can sure for you:

1. Filler MasterBacth is processing specially for BLOW FILM, INJECTION MOLD Process and more. Especially, Our filler is added additives to increase the strength of product under the STRICT WEATHER

2. Our Filler is developed for Blow film, Injection molding Product in STRICT CONDITION country such as : Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arabian Emirate, Brazil, etc. FILLER won’t change the Durability of your Final product.

3. Moreover, our Filler is completely non-toxic and safety with health while processing because we use 100% Virgin Resin with MFR ~ 0.5 g/ 10min. This will also support Filler totally dissolve in your Base Resin without any Residual

4. Your production line will be totally protected from all problems such as : Sticking CACO3, Breaking Strength during Processing, Unmelt Problem.

To Support better, don’t hesitate contact us
πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ whatsapp/ mobile : +84977284858
πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Email : mario@caco3vietnam.com



Vietnam Calcium Carbonate Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory

Hanoi office: 8th Floor, Kim khi Thang Long Building, 1 Luong Yen Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Vinh office: 4 V.I. Lenin Avenue, Hung Phuc Ward, Vinh City, Nghe An Province, Vietnam

Filler Masterbatch products are applied in many industries like as
– Filler Masterbatch (PE base): 75%-85% caco3 => Applications: PE film blown, extrusion, sheets, casting ..etc
– Filler Masterbatch (PP base): 75%-85% caco3 => Application: PP woven sacks, extrusion, non woven, injection moulding ..etc
Our products are manufactured on the most Modern Production Line and using our materials so your production line will Increase Productivity, Reduce Additives, Lubricate, Disperse and definitely that you will reduce the cost of the final product

We have exported Filler Masterbatches to many customers in the world. They believe in us. And you?

What is Filler Masterbatches?

  • This product, Filler Masterbatches, is one of the kinds of filler masterbatch and produces by twin crew extruder machine.
  • Composition of this product includes CaCO3, resin and additives.
  • It’s suitable for PP/PE/ABS resin (threading yarn, injection molding) which special suitable for threading yarn high speed and low denier, blowing film, blow molding, extruder pipe, threading yarn, injection molding

Benefits of filler masterbatch:

  • Filler Masterbatch not only benefits to plastic manufacturers by keeping production costs down by replacing a part of virgin polymer but also improves production conditions, increases output.
  • PMJ Filler Masterbatches increase calcium carbonate loading (from 20-35%, even 35-60% but you need 1-2% anti-moisture or need hot mixing to 90oC). That is the reason why you can reduce production cost from 12-35%.
  • PMJ Filler Masterbatches make easier pelletization, cleaner manufacturing environment as well as many other physical and chemical properties of ended plastic products.
  • PMJ Filler Masterbatches has good dispersion, free of agglomeration, more whiteness and reduce the cost of the end product.

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