May 29, 2022
Vietnam Coated Calcium Carbonate Powder
Vietnam Coated Calcium Carbonate Powder

Calcium carbonate in Vietnam is the predominant filler used in polyvinyl chloride compounding. Selection of fillers, as in the case with other compounding ingredients, involves consideration of available types and their effects on processing, product properties, and economics. In this article the effect of the particle size of CaCO3 on the properties of PVC foam is investigated.

Rigid PVC foam is in growing demand for use in various applications as a replacement for solid vinyl or wood. The market for PVC foam can be divided in three main categories: sheet, profile, and foam core pipe.

PVC foam properties, such as tensile and flexural strength, modulus, impact resistance, and water adsorption, depend on two factors: foam density and cell structure. Certain ingredients of the PVC formulation, such as the as the type of stabilizer, type and level of the acrylic processing aid, and processing conditions, play a role in determining foam density.

The effect of the CaCO3 particle size has been studied in rigid PVC formulations; however, we have not found any published references on the subject in foam formulations.

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