June 29, 2022
Uncoated Calcium Carbonate Powder
Uncoated Calcium Carbonate Powder

Calcium carbonate in Vietnam are considered as chemically inert materials. Therefore, they are widely considered in the field of biosensing, drug delivery, and as filler material in plastic, paper, paint, sealant, and adhesive industries. The unusual properties of Vientma calcium carbonate-based nanomaterials, such as biocompatibility, high surface-to-volume ratio, robust nature, easy synthesis, and surface functionalization, and ability to exist in a variety of morphologies and polymorphs, make them an ideal candidate for both industrial and biomedical applications. Significant research efforts have been devoted for developing novel synthesis methods of calcium carbonate particles in micrometer and nanometer dimensions. This review highlights different approaches of the synthesis of calcium carbonate micro- and nanoparticles, such as precipitation, slow carbonation, emulsion, polymer-mediated method, including in-situ polymerization, mechano-chemical, microwave-assisted method, and biological methods. The applications of these versatile calcium carbonate micro- and nanoparticles in the biomedical field (such as in drug delivery, therapeutics, tissue engineering, antimicrobial activity, biosensing applications), in industries, and environmental sector has also been comprehensively covered.

We are the best Calcium carbonate manufacturers in Vietnam with a full automatic & most advanced production line equipped by HOSOKAWA – ALPINE – GERMANY.

The best quality Calcium carbonate manufacturer in Vietnam with fully automatic of the Hosokawa Alpine system.

Natural, ultrafine calcium carbonate powder obtained from high purity white marble of Vietnam origin.

We offers a wide range of calcium carbonate of various particle size, Uncoated and Coated Calcium Carbonate (Stearic acid coating Calcite Powder).

Buy Vietnam Calcium Carbonate from Vietnam.

We would like to send all of you our warmest greetings. Our company is very pleased to introduce you to our uncoated calcium carbonate powder as follows:

– Commodity: Uncoated calcium carbonate powder with particle sizes from 5–100 microns.
– Materials: The materials are mined from quarries in Tan Ky District and Quy Hop District with high quality.

  1. Product list
No Product Size Usage Purposes
1 VP-8 D50 ≤ 2.0 µm D97 =   8±1 µm 1750 Mesh Paper, plastic, paint …
2 VP-10 D50 ≤ 2.5 µm D97 = 10±1 µm 1250 Mesh Paper, plastic, paint…
3 VP-15 D50 ≤ 3.3 µm D97 = 15±2 µm 920 Mesh PVC, plastic, paper, cable, bag…
4 VP-20 D50 ≤ 4.6 µm D97 = 20±2 µm 625 Mesh PVC, plastic, paper, cable, bag…
5 VP-25 D50 ≤ 5.5 µm D97 = 25±2 µm 500 Mesh PVC cable, paper, putty powder, paint, bag, rubber…
6 VP-30 D50 ≤ 6.6 µm D97 = 30±2 µm 470 Mesh Shoe soles, PVC cable, putty, paint, paper, rubber…
7 VP-37 D50 ≤ 12 µm D97 = 37±3 µm 400 Mesh Shoe soles, putty, paint, paper, rubber
8 VP-65 D50 ≤ 28 µm D97 = 75±5 µm 200 Mesh Putty, oil refinery, rubber…

 2. Chemical and physical specifications

CACO3 Content 98.5% Min Brightness 96.5% Min
MgO Content 0.16% Max Whiteness 96% Min
Fe2O3 Content 0.01% Max Moisture 0.2% Max
Al2O3 Content 0.04% Max Proportion 2.7g/cm3
SiO2 Content 0.01% Max Oil absorption 15-25g/100g
Na2O Content 0.02% Max Content loss on ignition ≤ 43%


Note: –     VP-65 is based on specifications of wall putty.

  • We can produce all kinds of powder sizes according to customers’ requirements.

PACKING: We follow the International standard of the packing process with the suitable dimensions of wrapping required by customers. 

  • 25kg packing – PP-PE wrapping.
  • 50kg packing – PP-PE wrapping.
  • Jumbo wrapping for 500kg.
  • Jumbo wrapping for 1000kg.

We are looking forward to receiving your attention and long-term cooperation.

Thank you very much!

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