September 1, 2021

Most of the CaCO3 used in industry is mined from quarries. In Vietnam, CaCO3 is found mainly in the central region (Nghe An, Thanh Hoa…) and the North (Yen Bai, Ha Tay, Tuyen Quang…). CaCO3 is used in many different industries and fields.
Rubber industry: CaCO3 is used in the rubber industry in very large quantities to save expensive rubber, but the product quality is better than pure rubber in terms of durability, corrosion resistance… In addition, CaCO3 filler has played an important role in regulating the consistency of natural and synthetic rubber.

Paint industry: In the coating industry, CaCO3 is considered the main filler. CaCO3 has high brightness, good dispersion, durability in large environments, stable pH… CaCO3 is used a lot in the water-based paint industry by increasing the optical ability of the paint and the weight of the paint.

Ceramic industry: CaCO3 is used a lot in ceramic production because the raw material for ceramic production requires CaO.  CaO melts at 1,050 degrees Celsius and helps the firing process reduce shrinkage, improve the mechanical and chemical durability of ceramic products). CaCO3 is that source. CaCO3 is mixed with a large amount of ceramic to achieve the required expansion for the correct ratio between the ceramic piece and the glaze.

Agriculture industry: CaCO3 is used as a fertilizer to provide nutrients (calcium) to plants. At the same time, it also stabilizes the PH level in the soil to help plants grow better. This application has been around for a long time, the Greeks and Romans recorded the effects of stone powder thousands of years ago. CaCO3 is a traditional ingredient for all animal feed products. It is required for egg formation and bone development in poultry.

Paper industry: In the past, paper manufacturers used clay, kaolin fillers, and coatings to whiten paper. However, these types are expensive, so manufacturers switch to using other substances instead. CaCO3 is cheap, abundant in supply, and environmentally friendly, so it is popular. CaCO3 makes paper whiter, shinier, and more durable. On the other hand, paper made from CaCO3 is also less flammable and difficult to burn than paper made from ordinary wood pulp. Therefore, in the world as well as in Vietnam, there is a tendency to shift from paper made from cellulose to paper made from CaCO3.

Plastic industry: CaCO3 in plastic products plays an important role. It is used to replace expensive, cost-effective plastic without negatively affecting mechanical strength.
CaCO3 helps to improve the hardness as well as create a glossy surface of the product, which is convenient for printing. CaCO3 also makes the plastic more heat resistant. Besides, the whiteness of CaCO3 is over 90%, so it can replace other expensive and hard-to-find white pigments. Particularly in the field of electrical cable production, CaCO3 plays a role as an insulation component, increasing fire resistance.

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