August 31, 2021

So what is a stone powder used for, what applications does it have in life?
+ Stone powder is widely used in the plastics manufacturing industry with products such as plastic pipes, plastic ceilings, electrical wires, fibers, composite resins…
+ Ultra-fine stone powder is used a lot in the coating industry, it is considered as the main filler to help the opacity in the coating process be more effective.
+ One of the solutions that stone powder is used to do something is to use it to produce ceramics thanks to a very rich source of calcium oxide.
+ Ultra-fine stone powder is also used in the production of detergents and environmental treatment
+ As a desulfurized in gas pipelines, or for drinking water treatment or calcifying ponds and lakes to neutralize acids.
+ Buy stone powder to serve in the field of fertilizer production, animal feed as a nutrient supplier. Calcium carbonate is essential for egg formation and bone development in poultry.
In addition, people also buy stone powder to serve many other production and processing activities. To know the variety in the application of stone powder, you should immediately contact KhoangsanVina for more detailed advice. Coming to VDragon, you will not only receive dedicated, thoughtful and accurate advice but also be provided with the best quality stone powder products.

On the market today, there are many addresses providing limestone powder. However, there are not many units with the same scale and prestige as VDragon Company. VDragon provides limestone powder products with the commitment:
– Provide products with the right quantity and the best quality
– With a wealth of experience in the field of stone powder, ensure that the products put on the market meet the standards as committed
– The most competitive price in the market
– Fast and on-time delivery

Our newest dry milling line utilizes the latest German Milling Technology and the latest Classifier Technology. By mid of this year, a new ball mill line expansion will be introduced to double the capacity of production. Our coating system is the most advanced in Vietnam, producing the best quality of Coated Calcium Carbonate, which is offering the state of art solutions of cost-saving in different industries.

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The applications of stone powderin Vietnam | Wholesale Vietnamese Suppliers Online

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