August 30, 2021

You may not know it, but the stone powder is used in many areas of life. Many products and items we use every day have ingredients of stone powder. Stone powder, also known chemically as Calcium Carbonate, is inherently a chemical compound with the formula CaCO3. And a very interesting study shows that our crust is estimated to be 5% of some form of calcium carbonate i.e. rock powder. In nature, the stone powder is usually found in the form of rocks (limestone, chalk, marble, etc.). If you look to buy stone powder, you will know that there is not only one type of stone powder, but it has many types, which can be followed by types of stone powder such as:
– CaCo3 powder
– Superfine stone powder
– Raw powder
– Limestone powder…
Each type of stone powder will have different characteristics, composition, properties, and uses. So before you buy and use it, you need to learn carefully and determine what your needs are to use stone powder to choose the most suitable type.

How is an ultrafine stone powder made?
The manufacturing process of superfine stone powder below will help you visualize how it is made:
– Stone is selected, screened to remove impurities, and transported to the factory.
– All ingredients are strictly inspected, selected, washed, and left to dry.
– Choose stones of the right size.
– Using an excavator to pour into the silo, run through the hammer crusher to bring the stone to a smaller size.
– The product is transported and poured directly into the 3R3016 grinding machine and produces super-fine stone powder.
– Stone powder is bagged, weighed, sorted into baller, and put into the finished product warehouse.
What is the note when putting raw materials into the production of stone powder? That is, the raw materials must be qualified with no cover, seam, no soil, no impurities, and moderate size.

VDragon offers an extensive and diverse set of Coated and Uncoated Calcium Carbonate products, suited for a wide range of applications. Leveraging years of industry experience and our global research & development teams, we are able to provide guidance on how to best utilize our minerals and are capable of creating custom products to achieve the desired benefits of our customers’ end products. We strive to innovate and develop our products in order to provide cutting-edge technology with our cost-effective formulations.

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