August 27, 2021

Heard of limestone powder for a long time, but many of us still do not know all about its application in the fields of production and processing from industry to agriculture. The specific examples below will help you better visualize the use when buying stone powder:
– Stone powder accounts for 65% of the tire and motorcycle tire and tube manufacturing industry.
– Superfine stone powder accounts for 5% in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries such as bath soap, medicine, cream powder, lipstick…
– Stone powder accounts for 40% in the field of manufacturing and processing wall paints, paints, and putty.
Limestone powder accounts for 20-25% of the main components of glass
– Stone powder is an additive for the production of animal feed products for livestock, with 20micron powder – stone powder accounts for 30%.
– Stone powder accounts for 40% of the production of boats and canoes
– Stone powder accounts for 35% of the production of home appliances, shoes, shelves, doors, plastic, rubber…
– Superfine stone powder accounts for 70% in the industry of producing PE, PPR, PVC pipes, …
And there are many other uses when using limestone powder such as as an ingredient in detergents, environmental treatment, widely used in medicine as a cheap calcium dietary supplement, a deacidifying agent, ceramic production….

Where to buy quality limestone powder at a good price?
Limestone powder is one of the materials that are widely applied in life and we have learned together in the above content. If you want to buy stone powder, learn carefully to choose a place that sells good, affordable raw materials to balance your income and expenses.
And here are 3 criteria to help you find quality limestone powder:
– Stone powder must be exploited directly from the mine by advanced and modern technology. Ensure strict requirements on particle size, whiteness, and calcium carbonate content.
– What is the application of limestone powder is important you should note, ask carefully the use of limestone powder where you buy it to be sure to bring high efficiency, can be applied in many fields.
– Professional and stable service is an important criterion you also need to keep in mind when choosing where to buy superfine stone powder or any kind of stone powder.
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