August 17, 2021
HD filler masterbatch

Masterbatch VDRAGON CaCO3 filler masterbatch particles are composed of ultrafine calcium carbonate (CaCO3) powder, HDPE base resin, and other special additives.
As the simultaneous owner of the CaCO3 quarry and the only CaCO3 filler masterbatch factory in Vietnam, our main raw materials are strictly mined from millions of years of rich limestone resources. The CaCO3 ratio in the product is adequate, the whiteness is high, the dispersion is good, and the compatibility is good.

What kind of CaCO3 filler masterbatch does VDRAGON on the basis of HDPE (Taical) provide?
VDRAGON CaCO3 filler masterbatch particles are mixed with ultrafine calcium carbonate (CaCO3) powder, HDPE base resin, and other special additives.
This product is widely used in the plastics industry to help partially replace basic plastics and improve the performance, toughness, and physical and chemical durability of the final product. Since then, VDRAGON has been committed to providing customers with the most effective cost-saving solutions.
High-Density Filler Masterbatch or what we normally call HD Filler Masterbatch produced by PolyFill manufacturers improves the characteristics of the final plastic product, such as greater transparency, with the highest tensile strength and dispersibility. By using our HD filler masterbatch, we guarantee the best spread on your plastic products without streaks or scratches.
High-Density HD Filler Masterbatch is manufactured by fusing a polyolefin carrier with suitable additives and CaCO3 powder extracted from Vietnam’s high calcium limestone. Regarding our HD filler masterbatch’s strong luminescence characteristics top the list. Due to the high proportion of calcium carbonate powder, HD filler masterbatch exhibits the highest whiteness and excellent compatibility with the amazing dispersibility.

– Articles produced by HD Filler Masterbatch based have extremely withstood and durable in various harsh environment statuses.
– By utilizing HD filler masterbatch in filling into polymer products, they can respond in maintaining characteristics, functions and do not be derived even being sunk in salt, acid, and alkali affections as HDPE pipes.
– No RUST and no RASH are two of our words in making guarantee the properties of this product.
– Mechanical products which are filled by HD Filler Masterbatch of PolyFill show up through time without aging, oxidizing even always stay under the ultraviolet sunshine.
– If you want to fine pigment where assists your product in more deformation under high weight loads or flexible the feature which could withstand high pressure punched, squeezed, etc., then our HD Filler Masterbatch must be on the top of your list of selections.

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