August 18, 2021
HIPS filler masterbatch

HIPS filler masterbatch is PolyFill’s exclusive solution.
High-impact polystyrene HIPS filler masterbatch is the first choice for polystyrene foam tableware, PS sheets, and other types of PS foam. It can increase whiteness, gloss, opalescence, and is a cost-effective solution for filling parts with high surface smoothness.
PolyFill HIPS filler masterbatch contains a large amount of fine pure CaCO3 as well as resin and some other additives. The HIPS filler masterbatch contains a high percentage of CaCO3 ultrafine powder mined directly from Vietnam’s high calcium limestone, showing its excellent whiteness and compatibility, but still maintaining the excellent tight dispersion as you expect from the process.

PolyFill HIPS filler masterbatch is used for filling thermoforming and vacuum forming; injection blow molding, laminated foil, and other outdoor products that require a high degree of UV stability. The high proportion of CaCO3 powder in the HIPS filler masterbatch can improve the whiteness of the final plastic product. The perfect combination of calcium carbonate powder, resin, and additives powers our HIPS filler masterbatch and provides excellent dispersion in your process. The amazing capacity of PolyFill’s HIPS filler masterbatch is one of the selection criteria for our customers to help their supply chain.

Our HIPS filler masterbatch can fill most of your items, then reduce costs and improve process efficiency. The heat resistance of the HIPS filler masterbatch can be as high as 300 degrees Celsius, but it can still maintain the hardness, chemical durability, whiteness, and smooth surface characteristics of the final product. HIPS PolyFill’s high-impact polystyrene HIPS filler masterbatch form sheet extrusion can be used for various production purposes. Therefore, if your company has not found the ideal HIPS filler masterbatch for your process, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff for a separate consultation and customize your inquiry according to the characteristics and size of the custom plastic particles. Choose the sales executive closest to your area and get in touch! We are here to make cooperation more durable than plastic.

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