August 19, 2021
Transparent filler masterbatch in Vietnam

The transparent filler masterbatches produced by the manufacturer PolyFill improve the characteristics of the final plastic product because they increase transparency or translucency, are brighter, more dispersed but non-toxic, and maintain the shape of the article. PolyFill transparent filler masterbatch is produced by combining transparent inorganic powders (such as BaSO4 (barium sulfate) or NA2SO4 (sodium/sodium sulfate) with appropriate additives) into pp or pe-based polyolefins. Most of our customers use transparent filler masterbatch to improve the performance of their products, the filling rate is about 5% to 20% or more, from the production purpose of the variable quantity ratio combined with the function of each plastic product in a specific industry. The content of transparent filler filling masterbatch may be as high as 60-70%, which is used to make linings and handbags with opaque characteristics.
Improve the durability and resistance of plastic furniture such as tables, chairs, and cups.
PolyFill transparent filling masterbatch is economically produced for the final plastic product, a cost-effective solution that ensures the highest filling volume. These plastic particles help increase the elongation and deformation resistance temperature.
Most of our customers use transparent filler masterbatches to improve the quality of all types of polyolefins (such as PP and PE).
In addition, our transparent particles enhance acid, alkali, and high-temperature resistance.
We also assume that our particles are non-irritating and non-toxic, with high plasticity and symmetry.

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