August 20, 2021
Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch

Curd guarantee, high concentration, and ultra-thin mineral for excellent features.
Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch (filler masterbatches) under the brand name of PolyFill would be known as the ultrafine dispersion with the guarantee of no agglomeration, ensure the whiteness, glossier and smooth surface for the articles.
This filler Masterbatch – the concentration of CaCO3 powder or Talc powder in the filler polymer base to modify various properties of the plastic articles or the base plastic polymers.
Our calcium carbonate masterbatch is specially formulated by compounding blended the ultrafine CaCO3 powder (or BaSO4 powder) with polyolefins in our twin-screw machine.
Our twin central used directly from Germany is dedicated to the upper dispersion of pigments and optimizes the performance and nature of the article.
The carbonate polyphyly masterbatch is made of milling-grade calcium carbonate powder (which is abused from Vietnam’s Lima Rock Resources) or Polyfyl Baso4 and Baso4 have excellent processing performance Fusion with excellent dilution with a high-performance melt. Caco3 or Masterbatch of Caco3 or Talc Talc is composed of natural effects, as well as milk-white. Therefore, our filling teacher improves the physical properties of the polymer, reduces costs, injection, extrusion, blow molding, blowjob film, coextruded film, and extensive applications of bolted threads.
Calcium carbonate MasterBatch reviewed our most popular type, one of those technical requirements is not satisfied, for personalized crazy solutions and tailored prices for your budget, contact our sales department.

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