August 25, 2021

The superfine stone powder standard is more interested than ever. Indeed, the material will be applied in many different fields, so there are strict requirements for each purpose.

How many benefits does the superfine stone powder standard bring?

Vietnam owns a huge raw material area in Ha Nam, Nghe An, and the northern mountainous provinces. The factories here are always proactive in the source of raw materials and apply the superfine stone powder standard. Mining area with large scale and exploiting reserves of millions of tons per year. VDragon is a reputable unit that provides customers with an abundant and stable supply of stone powder. Raw stone materials exploited from the mine have high purity (CaCO3 > 98%). The quality of the stone powder is assessed to be uniform (Whiteness > 97%).

The standard of ultra-fine stone powder is obtained when produced on modern production lines

Modern stone powder production line, thus ensuring the standards of ultra-fine stone powder. Raw materials are produced according to a closed automatic process, including the most modern lines:

– Super fine grinding system.
– The modern separation system ensures that the particle size can be adjusted as small as 5 Microns.
– Acid coating system.
– Automatic bagging system.

All are tested for production quality. The quality of the stone powder is controlled by each batch and each day by a quality management system. In addition, the product also uses absolute precision laboratory equipment and a Konica Minolta CR410.3 luminometer.

Choose VDragon when there is a need for ultra-fine stone powder standards

VDragon is being evaluated as a reputable brand, providing products that meet the standards of ultra-fine stone powder. This is thanks to the experienced human resources. The staff has many years of experience, so they can control the quality of the goods.
This ensures that VDragon can supply products at attractive prices and meet delivery times. Not only that, the sources of goods spread throughout the areas of abundant and stable quality raw materials, which are convenient for the transportation of products by road, rail, sea,… Customers need products. which meets the standard of superfine stone powder in large quantities will also be met the fastest.

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