August 26, 2021
What is the role of limestone powder as a plastic additive?

Because manufacturers can adjust the manufacturing process to control the shape and size of precipitated CaCO3, PCC provides a series of technologically advanced effects that are far superior to fine CaCO3 and GCC’s expensive additives. other. Chemically, PCC and GCC are almost completely similar in composition. PCC has a higher purity because the lead and silica content is removed during the manufacturing process. The biggest difference is the size and shape of the crystal at high magnification. Generally speaking, the distribution of particles (crystals) in precipitated CaCO3 is narrower than that in fine CaCO3, which allows them to achieve better oil absorption and carrying capacity.

Generally speaking, CaCO3 stone powder is widely used as a plastic additive in industrial production. There are many reasons:
CaCO3 has natural brightness, so plastic products that use CaCO3 fillers do not use bleaching agents, bleaching agents or other coloring agents. In this case, high whiteness can be achieved. acting. This saves a lot of money for manufacturers.
CaCO3 is a rich mineral resource in nature, easy to mine and process, so its price is very economical. Manufacturers can use calcium carbonate in large quantities without worrying about costs.
Mixing limestone powder into primary plastics will not change the typical properties of primary plastics, so using it to replace part of the input materials when producing plastic products will help manufacturers save money.
In addition, CaCO3 has good heat resistance, curvature texture, and suitable size for many kinds of plastics.
Environmental protection, can prevent evaporation and reduce the temperature of the production workshop.
CaCO3 helps to increase hardness and gloss Surface helps manufacturers print more beautiful and diversified packaging and designs.
can be conveniently combined with other plastic additives and colorants.
Today, they are not only developed and used by humans as plastic additives but are also used in many other industries and productions, such as blackboards, glass production, ceramics, and building. In the fields of agriculture, health, and the environment.

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The role of limestone powder as a plastic additive in Vietnam| Wholesale Vietnamese Suppliers Online

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