February 27, 2021
Vietnam calcium carbonate powder
Vietnam calcium carbonate powder

Vietnam Calcium carbonate powder is added to some types of pharmaceutical industries such as antacid powder, toothpaste, calcium pills, osteopathic drugs and many others.

Limestone is the basic structure of the industry where it is mixed with non-metallic mineral materials that are chemically processed. Lime is the main material in this industry, with a percentage not less than (76%)of its total components.

Vietnam Calcium carbonate powder is used in the agricultural field to neutralize the soil alkalinity for livestock and fish and in the manufacture of fertilizers. It is also used as feed for poultry and birds to strengthen eggshells as well as in the process of maricultural as a process of cultivation and breeding of prawns and also used as a medicine for animals.

Vietnam Calcium carbonate powder is used in the manufacture of iron and steel as auxiliary material for smelting and decrease the melting temperature of the iron and help to reduce it, in addition to its interaction with the impurities associated with ores such as silica and alumina, including the malignant reaction of calcium oxide with these oxides, while the carbon dioxide produced by the reduction atmosphere in the furnace to The hope of carbon dioxide, which is a reducing substance that contributes to the extraction of oxygen from iron oxides to be reduced to iron metal, must be limestone used to contain as few as oxides of silica, alumina and sulphur.

The glass industry is an example of how Vietnam limestone is used in its manufacture, as most of the glass industry, it consists of a mixture of silica, soda (sodium carbonate), lime (calcium oxide). And the role of calcium oxide is to maintain the stability of the chemical composition of the glass and gives those products strength and makes them less fragile.
The Vietnam limestone used in this process must be pure and contain as little iron oxides as possible.

Vietnam Calcium carbonate powder enters the process of manufacturing paint as a filler to improve some of the natural properties of the coating such as thermal resistance, thermal conductivity and density, controlling viscosity, preventing gonorrhea and prevent the occurrence of absorption in wood surfaces, and due to its low price, it helps reduces additional expenses.
Vietnam Calcium Carbonate is an essential material in the paint industry, where it constitutes 30 – 40% Of paint components.
Also, it helps to raise the paint hardness by combining it with particles of coloured or adhesive materials to form a coherent and stable material with high flow. The granular size of calcium carbonate powder should not exceed 20 microns.

Some plastic products that include Vietnam calcium carbonate in its manufacturing are drainage pipes, electrical wires, automobile parts, plastic garbage bags, tableware, food and dish preservatives, chairs, sanitary and decorative articles, and glue.

Vietnam Calcium carbonate powder is widely used in rubber products because it makes processing easier and also reduces costs as a filler. Some rubber products that includes calcium carbonate in its industry are belts, shoes, tires, hoses, rubber glue, rubber paste and sponge.

Vietnam Calcium carbonate powder is used in the paper industry and not only in the whitening of the paper, but also changes its pH from acidic to neutral.
Some types of paper containing calcium carbonate: drawing paper, wrapping paper, sculpture paper, advertising paper…etc.

Vietnam Calcium carbonate powder and limestone have been used since ancient times in construction, and nowadays they are increasingly used as different building materials, for example in the manufacture of artificial marble, wall panels and floor tiles.

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