August 12, 2021
Using Filler masterbatch in Plastic Production

The filler masterbatch is a product of the plastics field. Resin is a common term for solid amorphous synthetic or semi-synthetic materials used in the manufacture of industrial products. It is generally a polymer and may contain other substances to improve performance. capacity. Energy or reduce costs. Invented in 1855, plastic has universal toughness properties and is suitable for many different applications, such as molding, extrusion… to make products of various shapes, such as films, fibers, sheets, tubes, bottles, boxes, etc. … With the ability to transform and apply these applications, plastics have become an essential part of ordinary human life and industrial life.
In essence, the resin is an unused plastic extracted from petroleum, requiring large-scale investment in infrastructure, high costs, modern technology, and high-quality processing systems. Therefore, the cost of plastic beads is also very high. If only pure plastic beads are used in plastic products, the production costs will be high, consumers cannot afford them, and the production efficiency will be reduced. In manufacturing. Therefore, to solve this problem, plastics manufacturers have produced a granular additive, which is a plastic filler made of limestone calcium carbonate, additives, and resin as a base material to ensure the shape of the block. Plastic products without losing the necessary resin performance due to the addition of plastic additives.
As a filler masterbatch manufacturer in Vietnam, VDragon’s advantage lies in using the world’s highest quality CaCO3 resources from the Nghe An region of Vietnam, which is famous for CaCO3.  VDragon prides itself on offering its customers the highest quality filler masterbatch. The physical and chemical properties are suitable for various plastics production technologies. With many years of experience in the plasticizing industry, a highly specialized team of employees and engineers, and a modern system of mechanical equipment, we have always been a reliable choice and a prestigious unit for customers. It enjoys a great reputation in the national and international markets.

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