July 16, 2021
CaCO3 in Nghe An

Superfine white stone powder (CaCO3) is one of the commonly used additives and raw materials in many manufacturing industries such as papermaking, coatings, wall putty, livestock feed, and poultry, etc.

To produce such products in white stone powder, it is necessary to invest in production facilities Expensive modern technology production lines. At present, there are not many factories in Vietnam that can meet this kind of white stone powder, so the demand for this kind of product is relatively large.

High-end paint production and other industries with high-quality requirements require white stone powder to be processed by modern technology and strictly inspect the output quality.
For other manufacturing industries such as animal feed production, white stone powder products, white stone powder requires product uniformity, product quality, and size.

Our white stone powder products are mined directly from high-quality quarries in Nghe An province and produced using advanced technology production lines with simultaneous investment to ensure quality consistency. Size, whiteness guarantee, and other strict customer requirements. Recently, the reputation and quality of our superfine white stone powder have been confirmed.

Quy Hop region in Nghe An is home to one of the world’s largest and highest quality Limestone deposits. We ensure an edge for our product within a wide range of applications and markets. We are a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality white stone powder products, we have a competitive price advantage and initially established our brand and position in the domestic and overseas market.
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