July 22, 2021
The production process of CaCO3 in Vietnam

To produce stone beads must go through 3 stages as follows:
Stage 1: Exploiting and classifying rocks
From limestone quarries, raw materials are exploited and machined with large-sized limestone blocks into moderate-sized stones. Then they are selected and classified, selecting clean stones without impurities.
Next, use the excavator to pour it into the silo and run it through the hammer crusher to reduce it to a smaller size. And transported back to pour through the hammer crusher again to separate each product type.
Stage 2: Crushing and dissociating
From the hammer crusher, the stone is passed through the conveyor belt to the magnets to attract all the iron particles (if any). After removing all the iron particles, the rock is put into rotating sieves for separation.
The rotary sieve has a hexagonal tubular shape, diameter from 1.5 to 2m, and length from 8 to 12m depending on the capacity of the hammer mill. Inside the rotary sieve, the mesh is framed and assembled into layers corresponding to each type of product.
Stage 3: Packing
At each sieve floor, all products are taken to separate containers at the bottom. Satisfactory products will be put into packaging.
Under each container, the product is weighed and loaded through a bagging machine and then placed on a pallet. Then put in the position of each type of finished product in the workshop.
Fine stone powder production process
The process of producing fine stone powder must go through the following specific steps:
– Also from limestone quarries, raw materials are exploited and machined into large rocks of moderate size.
– Selection and classification of clean stones without impurities.
– Using an excavator to pour into the silo, run through the hammer crusher to bring the stone to a smaller size.
– The product is transported and poured directly into the 3R3016 grinding machine and produces a fine stone powder product.
– Goods are bagged, weighed, put into balell, and put into a finished product warehouse.
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