August 2, 2021

Rough stone
Whitestone raw materials directly mined by VDragon company from quarries in Quy Hop district are screened and sieved to meet new standards and are shipped to the factory. Raw materials entering the factory are initially monitored by KCS personnel, warehouse managers, and whiteness meters. All raw materials are strictly inspected, selected, washed, stacked, and dried by workers before entering the warehouse. Before being put into production, the rough stone was retested under the direct supervision of operators, warehouse managers, and KCS employees. The stone storage place should be clean, free of sand and dust, and avoid impurities. The graded stones produced are rocks without cover, without joints, without soil, without impurities, and of moderate size.
Production process
The company’s ultrafine white stone powder products adopt the world’s most modern automated production technology, closed-loop ultrafine grinding system, and advanced separation equipment. The granularity of the product can be adjusted. The control system is programmed by special software. The source of the raw materials is pure white stone mined directly from the company’s 50-hectare mine in Nghe An. This is one of the best quality, largest reserves, and high function white stone quarries in Vietnam, with content of CaCO3 greater than 96%.
Lining System
Products that meet standards will be shipped to the storage container. Then put the CaCO3 ultrafine powder into the fatty acid injection system and mix it through the mixing system. Thanks to the screw conveyor, the finished product will be transferred from the finished product silo to the automatic finished product bagging system.
Quality reputation
The company always puts product quality first. Therefore, the company continuously improves equipment and machinery, strictly manages the production stage, and continuously improves the quality of a team of trained, experienced and disciplined technical workers. The company continues to expand its production scale and gradually push the company’s products further. While continuously meeting the demand of the domestic market, it is also moving towards the goal of bringing the sustainable mining brand to the top of the world.

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